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Self-taught, experimenter, having spent hours upon hours combined on Codecademy, EDX CS50, Free Code Camp, Google, Stack Exchange, independent book study, and of course vim on my xfce4 terminal.

I love tinkering around,and have spent time learning C, Python, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

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Robot's Don't Drive...Yet

Utilized php and jQuery to emphasize defensive driving during the transition to autonomous vehicles. Implements an interactive quiz, with feedback.


This is a simplified clone of the bluffing boardgame "Balderdash", using the python web framework Django, along with an sqlite database.

Ocarina of Time Quote Generator

Random quote generator using a javascript array populated with a python script that parsed a text dump of the game.


Javascript calculator themed with Calculon's head from Futurama. Used HTML canvas API drawing for part of it, css for part of it.

Jojo & Lucent Tribute

Simple photo tribute page to two canine family members who have passed on. Constructed thumbnail gallery, and lightbox from scratch. Used jQuery to interact with elements.

Local Weather

Used JSON API calls to Open Weather Map for weather, and JSON API calls to Flickr for (approximately) appropriate weather photo for background. Uses browser geo-location, otherwise falls back to zip code entry. Also click to change F to C, and vice versa.

Wikipedia Viewer

Uses jQuery ajax request using MediaWiki api to search Wikipedia and returns results. Also incorporates jQuery UI autocomplete feature to suggest search terms relating to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Twitch Streamers

Uses Twitch.tv API to display a list of Twitch users, and their status: Currently streaming, Offline, or Account Closed. Also links to their page. Uses Masonry javascript cascading grid layout.

Wack 8-Ball Timer

Pomodoro timer Free Code Camp project, themed off of the notorious 8-Ball leather jacket of the 1990s. Uses vanilla javascript, with no jQuery. Allows sessions of work and play with an alarm.


Game against computer should be unbeatable. Uses only vanilla javascript, uses Flexbox css to grid the layout.